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Recently Accepted Papers
Modeling and Analysis of SEIG-STATCOM Systems Based on the Magnitude-Phase Dynamic Method
Haifeng Wang, Xinzhen Wu, Rui You, and Jia Li
Analysis of Z-Source Inverters in Wireless Power Transfer Systems and Solutions for Accidental Shoot-Through State
Tianfeng Wang, Xin Liu, Nan Jin, Dianguang Ma, Xijun Yang, Houjun Tang, Muhammad Ali, and Khurram Hashmi
EMI Noise Reduction with New Active Zero State PWM for Integrated Dynamic Brake Systems
Jae-Hyuk Baik, Sang-Won Yun, Dong-Sik Kim, Chun-Ki Kwon, and Ji-Yoon Yoo
Enhanced Coulomb Counting Method for State-of-Charge Estimation of Lithium-ion Batteries based on Peukertí»s Law and Coulombic Efficiency
Jiale Xie, Jiachen Ma, and Kun Bai
Investigation of Rise Time and Overshoot in Pulse Transformers with Different Topologies for Electromagnetic Trigger of SCRs
Gang Lv, Dihui Zeng, and Tong Zhou
Analysis of Switching Clamped Oscillations of SiC MOSFETs
Junji Ke, Zhibin Zhao, Zongkui Xie, Changjun Wei, and Xiang Cui
Selection of Coupling Factor for Minimum Inductor Current Ripple in Multi-winding Coupled Inductor Used in Bidirectional DC-DC Converters
Taewon Kang and Yongsug Suh
Three-Phase Common-Mode Active EMI Filters for Induction Motor Drive Applications
Vuttipon Tarateeraseth
Shunt Active Filter for Multi-Level Inverters Using DDSRF with State Delay Controller
C. R. Rajesh and S. P. Umayal
Mechanism Analysis and Stabilization of Three-Phase Grid-Inverter Systems Considering Frequency Coupling
Guoning Wang, Xiong Du, Ying Shi, Heng-Ming Tai, and Yongliang Ji
Dual-Algorithm Maximum Power Point Tracking Control Method for Photovoltaic Systems based on Grey Wolf Optimization and Golden-Section Optimization
Ji-Ying Shi, Deng-Yu Zhang, Le-Tao Ling, Fei Xue, Ya-Jing Li, Zi-Jian Qin, and Ting Yang
A Simple Real-Time DMPPT Algorithm for PV Systems Operating under Mismatch Conditions
Aniruddha Kamath M., Jayanta Biswas, Anjana K. G., and Mukti Barai
Generalized Vector Control with Reactive Power Control for Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Machines
Qiwei Duan, Shi Liu, H. Inaki Schlaberg, and Teng Long
Hybrid Control Strategy of Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge LLC Converter Based on Digital Direct Phase-Shift Control
Bing Guo, Yiming Zhang, Jialin Zhang, and Junxia Gao
Model Predictive Power Control of a PWM Rectifier for Electromagnetic Transmitters
Jialin Zhang, Yiming Zhang, Bing Guo, and Junxia Gao
Eddy Loss Analysis and Parameter Optimization of the WPT System in Seawater
Ke-Han Zhang, Zheng-Biao Zhu, Luo-Na Du, and Bao-Wei Song
Modeling, Dynamic Analysis and Control Design of Full-Bridge LLC Resonant Converters with Sliding-Mode and PI Control Scheme
Kai Zheng, Guodong Zhang, Dongfang Zhou, Jianbing Li, and Shaofeng Yin
Investigation of Instability in Multiple Grid-Connected Inverters with LCL Output Filters
Fariba Asghari, Arash Safavizadeh, and Hamid Reza Karshenas
Resonance Characteristics Analysis of Grid-connected Inverter Systems based on Sensitivity Theory
Jian Wu, Wanqin Han, Tao Chen, Jiaqi Zhao, Binbin Li, and Dianguo Xu
Robust Time Delay Compensation for DTC-Based Induction Machine Systems via Extended State Observers
Fengxiang Wang, Junxiao Wang, and Li Yu
Comparative Analysis of Integer-order and Fractional-order Proportional Integral Speed Controllers for Induction Motor Drive Systems
Adil Khurram, Habibur Rehman, Shayok Mukhopadhyay, and Daniyal Ali
Wide-range Speed Control Scheme of BLDC Motor Based on the Hall Sensor Signal
Dong-Hee Lee
Optimized Low-Switching-Loss PWM and Neutral-Point Balance Control Strategy of Three-Level NPC Inverters
Shi-Zhou Xu, Chun-Jie Wang, Tian-Cheng Han, Xue-Ping Li, and Xiang-Yu Zhu
New Single-Phase Power Converter Topology for Frequency Changing of AC Voltage
Hurng-Liahng Jou, Jinn-Chang Wu, Kuen-Der Wu, Ting-Feng Huang, and Szu-Hsiang Wei
Optimal Soft-Switching Scheme for Bidirectional DC-DC Converters with Auxiliary Circuit
Han Rim Lee, Jin-Hyuk Park, and Kyo-Beum Lee
Analysis and Optimization of Bidirectional Exponential SC Power Conversion Circuits
Yuanmao Ye, Wei Peng, Bijia Jiang, and Xianyong Zhang
Novel Single Switch DC-DC Converter for High Step-Up Conversion Ratio
Xuefeng Hu, Benbao Gao, Yuanyuan Huang, and Hao Chen
Two-Switch Non-Isolated Step-Up DC-DC Converter
Minh-Khai Nguyen, Youn-Ok Choi, Geum-Bae Cho, and Young-Cheol Lim
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