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JPE, Vol. 19, No. 5, September 2019
Two-Inductor Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter with High Step-Up Voltage Gain
Sze Sing Lee, Bing Chu, Chee Shen Lim, and Kyo-Beum Lee
Area Low Power Converters
Abstract In this paper, an alternative non-isolated DC-DC converter with a high voltage boosting capability is proposed. Two inductors are used and one of them has its flux linkage increases during its charging period to achieve a high step-up voltage gain. Among the three integrated capacitors, one portrays the partial characteristic of the switched-capacitor technique, while the other two are connected in series across the load. With the two switches controlled using the same duty cycle, the proposed topology demonstrates the merits of a higher and wider range of step-up voltage gain when compared with recent topologies. In addition, a reduction in loss is induced and a higher efficiency is ensured with all the voltage stresses constrained within the output voltage. Operation of the proposed converter is analyzed and validated through experimental results obtained with a prototype.
Keyword DC-DC converter,High step-up gain,Non-isolated,Two-inductor
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