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A Compact Wireless IPT System Using a Modified Voltage-fed Multi-resonant Class EF2 Inverter
Mohammad Kamar Uddin, Saad Mekhilef, and Gobbi Ramasamy
Abstract Wireless inductive power transfer (IPT) technology can be found in many applications now-a-days. A compact and high frequency primary side inverter is one of the most important parts of a WPT system. In this study, a modified class EF-type voltage fed multi-resonant inverter has been proposed for WPT application at a frequency range of 85-100 kHz. Instead of using infinite input choke inductor, a resonant inductor is used to reduce the loss and power density. Peak voltage stress across the MOSFET has been reduced almost 60% from class E inverter using a passive clamping circuit. A simple yet effective design procedure has been presented to calculate various component values of the proposed inverter. The overall system is simulated using MATLAB/SimPowerSystem to verify theoretical concepts. A 500 W prototype was built and tested to validate the simulated results. The inverter exhibited 90% efficiency at nearly perfect alignment condition and efficiency reduces gradually with misalignment of WPT coils. The proposed inverter maintains zero voltage switching (ZVS) during considerable load changes and poses all the inherent advantages of class E type inverters.
Keyword Inductive power transfer, High frequency inverter, Class E inverter, Class EF inverter, Misalignment tolerance
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