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Bridgeless Buck PFC Rectifier with Improved Power Factor
Mahdi Malekanehrad and Ehsan Adib
Abstract Buck power factor correction (PFC) converters, compared with conventional boost PFC converters, exhibit high efficiency performance in the entire range of universal line voltage. This feature has gotten more attention for eliminating the zero crossing dead angle of buck PFC rectifiers. Furthermore, bridgeless structures for the reduction of conduction losses have been proposed. The aim of this paper is to introduce a single-phase buck rectifier that simultaneously has unity power factor (PF) and bridgeless structure while operating in the continuous conduction mode (CCM). For this purpose, two auxiliary flyback converters without any active switches are applied to a bridgeless buck rectifier to eliminate the zero crossing dead angle and achieve unity power factor, low total harmonic distortion (THD) and high efficiency. The operation and design considerations of the proposed rectifier are verified on a 150W, 48V prototype using a conventional peak-current-mode control. The measurement results show that the proposed rectifier has nearly unity power factor, THD less than 7% and high efficiency.
Keyword Bridgeless AC-DC converters, Buck converter, Power factor correction, Zero crossing distortion
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