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A Forward-Integrated Buck DC-DC Converter with Low Voltage Stress for High Step-Down Applications
Maedeh Ghanbari Adivi and Mohammad Rouhollah Yazdani
Abstract The combination of a buck converter and a forward converter can be considered to accomplish a high step-down non-isolated converter. To decrease the insufficient step-down ratio of a regular buck converter and to distribute switch voltage stress, a forward-integrated buck (FIB) converter is proposed in this paper. The proposed interleaved DC-DC converter provides an additional step-down gain with the help of a forward converter. In addition to its simple structure, the transformer flux reset problem is solved and an additional magnetic core reset winding is not required. The operational principle and an analysis of the proposed FIB converter are presented and verified by experimental results obtained with a 240 W, 150 V/24 V prototype.
Keyword Buck converter, Electromagnetic interference, High step-down DC/DC conversion, Voltage stress
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