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A Passive Lossless Soft-Switching Single Inductor Dual Buck Full-Bridge Inverter
Feng Hong, Yu Wu, Zunjing Ye, Baojian Ji, and Yufei Zhou
Abstract A novel passive lossless soft-switching single inductor dual buck full-bridge inverter (PLSSIDBFBI) is presented in this paper. To accomplish this, a passive lossless snubber circuit is added to a dual buck full-bridge inverter. Therefore, the advantages of the dual buck full-bridge inverter are included in the proposed inverter, and the inverter has just one filter inductor, which can decrease the system volume and improve the integration. In addition, the passive lossless snubber circuit achieves soft-switching by its own resonance, and all of the energy stored in the passive lossless snubber circuit can be transferred to load. A comparison between eight topologies is performed in this paper, and the analysis shows that the proposed soft-switching inverter topology has high reliability and efficiency. Finally, experimental results obtained with a 1 kW prototype verify the theoretical analysis and demonstrate the prominent characteristics of a reduced switching loss and improved efficiency.
Keyword Dual buck, High efficiency, High reliability, Passive lossless, Single inductor, Soft-switching
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