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Active Controlled Primary Current Cutting-Off ZVZCS PWM Three-Level DC-DC Converter
Yong Shi
Abstract A novel active controlled primary current cutting-off zero-voltage and zero-current switching (ZVZCS) PWM three-level dc-dc converter (TLC) is proposed in this paper. The proposed converter has some attractive advantages. The OFF voltage on the primary switches is only Vin/2 due to the series connected structure. The leading-leg switches can obtain zero-voltage switching (ZVS), and the lagging-leg switches can achieve zero-current switching (ZCS) in a wide load range. Two MOSFETs, referred to as cutting-off MOSFETs, with an ultra-low on-state resistance are used as active controlled primary current cutting-off components, and the added conduction loss can be neglected. The added MOSFETs are switched ON and OFF with ZCS that is irrelevant to the load current. Thus, the auxiliary switching loss can be significantly minimized. In addition, these MOSFETs are not series connected in the circuit loop of the dc input bus bar and the primary switches, which results in a low parasitic inductance. The operation principle and some relevant analyses are provided, and a 6-kW laboratory prototype is built to verify the proposed converter.
Keyword Three-level (TL) dc/dc converter, Zero-current switching (ZCS), Zero-voltage switching (ZVS)
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