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Development and Testing of a 10 kV 1.5 kA Mobile DC De-Icer based on Modular Multilevel Converter with STATCOM Function
Pengfei Hu, Yiqiao Liang, Yi Du, Renming Bi, Chonglin Rao, and Yang Han
Abstract This paper introduces the development of a de-icer based on a full-bridge modular multilevel converter (FMMC). The FMMC can generate a wide range of DC voltages owing to its modularity, scalability, and redundancy, which makes it suitable for ice-melting applications. First, operating principles and voltage ranges are analyzed when FMMC is applied as a mobile de-icer. Second, two new startup strategies, constant modulation index and constant power startup strategies, are proposed. Third, the main control strategies of the de-icer are proposed. Fourth, a novel rated-current zero-power test scheme is proposed to simplify test conditions. Finally, a 10 kV 1.5 kA mobile MMC de-icer is designed and built, and experiments are carried out to validate the proposed startup, control strategies, and rated-current zero-power test scheme.
Keyword Control strategy, DC de-icer, Experimental test, Modular multilevel converter, Rated-current zero-power test, Startup strategy
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