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A Novel Method for the Identification of the Rotor Resistance and Mutual Inductance of Induction Motors Based on MRAC and RLS Estimation
Gwon-Jae Jo and Jong-Woo Choi
Abstract In the rotor-flux oriented control used in induction motors, the electrical parameters of the motors should be identified. Among these parameters, the mutual inductance and rotor resistance should be accurately tuned for better operations. However, they are more difficult to identify than the stator resistance and stator transient inductance. The rotor resistance and mutual inductance can change in operations due to flux saturation and heat generation. When detuning of these parameters occurs, the performance of the control is degenerated. In this paper, a novel method for the concurrent identification of the two parameters is proposed based on recursive least square estimation and model reference adaptive control.
Keyword Induction motor, Model reference adaptive control, Mutual inductance, Parameter identification, Recursive least square estimation, Rotor resistance
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