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Two-Switch Non-Isolated Step-Up DC-DC Converter
Minh-Khai Nguyen, Youn-Ok Choi, Geum-Bae Cho, and Young-Cheol Lim
Abstract This paper suggests a new non-isolated high voltage gain DC-DC converter with two switches. The proposed two-switch converter has the following characteristics: a high voltage gain, a continuous input current with a small ripple, a reduction in the size of the inductor, and a simple circuit with only a few elements. A theoretical analysis, guidelines for parameter selection, and a comparison with conventional non-isolated high step-up converters are presented. A prototype of 250 W is set up to demonstrate the correctness of the proposed converter. Results obtained from simulations and experiments are presented.
Keyword DC-DC power conversion, High step-up, Non-isolated converter, Two-switch, Z-source converter
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