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Analysis and Optimization of Bidirectional Exponential SC Power Conversion Circuits
Yuanmao Ye, Wei Peng, Bijia Jiang, and Xianyong Zhang
Abstract A bidirectional exponential-gain switched-capacitor (SC) DC-DC converter is developed in this paper. When compared with existing exponential SC converters, the number of switches is significantly reduced and its structure is simplified. The voltage transfer features, voltage ripple across capacitors, efficiency and output impedance of the proposed converter are analyzed in detail. Optimization of the output impedance is also discussed and the best type of capacitance distribution is determined. A common function of the voltage gain to the output impedance is found among the proposed converter and other popular SC voltage multipliers. Experimental evaluation is carried out with a 6-24V bidirectional prototype converter.
Keyword DC-DC converters, High voltage gain, Output impedance, Switched capacitor
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