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Comparative Analysis of Integer-order and Fractional-order Proportional Integral Speed Controllers for Induction Motor Drive Systems
Adil Khurram, Habibur Rehman, Shayok Mukhopadhyay, and Daniyal Ali
Abstract Linear proportional?integral (PI) controllers are an attractive choice for controlling the speed of induction machines because of their simplicity and ease of implementation. Fractional-order PI (FO?PI) controllers, however, perform better than PI controllers because of their nonlinear nature and the underlying iso-damping property of fractional-order operators. In this work, an FO?PI controller based on the proposed first-order plus dead-time induction motor model and integer-order (IO) controllers, such as Ziegler?Nichols PI, Cohen?Coon PI, and a PI controller tuned via trial-and-error method, is designed. Simulation and experimental investigation on an indirect field-oriented induction motor drive system proves that the proposed FO?PI controller has better speed tracking, lesser settling time, better disturbance rejection, and lower speed tracking error compared with linear IO?PI controllers. Our experimental study also validates that the FO?PI controller maximizes the torque per ampere output of the induction machine and can effectively control the motor at low speed, in field-weakening regions, and under detuned conditions.
Keyword Detuning, Field weakening, Fractional-order controller, Induction motor, Nonlinear controller, Speed regulator
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