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Hybrid Control Strategy of Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge LLC Converter Based on Digital Direct Phase-Shift Control
Bing Guo, Yiming Zhang, Jialin Zhang, and Junxia Gao
Abstract A digital direct phase-shift control (DDPSC) method based on the phase-shifted full-bridge LLC (PSFB-LLC) converter is presented. This work combines DDPSC with the conventional linear control to obtain a hybrid control strategy that has the advantages of linear control and DDPSC control. The strategy is easy to realize and has good dynamic responses. The PSFB-LLC circuit structure is simple and works in the fixed frequency mode, which is beneficial to magnetic component design; it can realize the ZVS of the switch and the ZCS of the rectifier diode in a wide load range. In this work, the PSFB-LLC converter resonator is analyzed in detail, and the concrete realization scheme of the hybrid control strategy is provided by analyzing the state-plane trajectory and the time-domain model. Finally, a 3 kW prototype is developed, and the feasibility and effectiveness of the DDPSC controller and the hybrid strategy are verified by experimental results.
Keyword Dynamic performance, Full-bridge converter, LLC, Soft-switching, State-plane analysis
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