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Generalized Vector Control with Reactive Power Control for Brushless Doubly-Fed Induction Machines
Qiwei Duan, Shi Liu, H. Inaki Schlaberg, and Teng Long
Abstract In this paper, a current hysteresis control with good decoupling properties for doubly-fed brushless induction machines (BDFIMs) has been proposed based on a generalized vector model. The independent control of the reactive power and speed for BDFIMs has been achieved by controlling the d-axis and the q-axis current of the control windings (CW). The proposed vector control method has been developed for the power winding (PW) flux frame. Experimental verification of a type Y180M-4 BDFIM prototype with 1/4 pole-pairs has been presented. Evidence of its good performance has been shown through experimental results.
Keyword Brushless doubly-fed induction machine, Current hysteresis control, Electromagnetic torque expression, Four-quadrant power converter, Generalized vector model, PI controller, Speed control
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