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A Simple Real-Time DMPPT Algorithm for PV Systems Operating under Mismatch Conditions
Aniruddha Kamath M., Jayanta Biswas, Anjana K. G., and Mukti Barai
Abstract This paper presents a distributed maximum power point tracking (DMPPT) algorithm based on the reference voltage perturbation (RVP) method for the PV modules of a series PV string. The proposed RVP-DMPPT algorithm is developed to accurately track the maximum power point (MPP) for each PV module operating under all atmospheric conditions with a reduced hardware overhead. To study the influence of parameters such as the controller reference voltage (Vref) and PV current (Ipv) on the PV string voltage, a small signal model of a unidirectional differential power processing (DPP) based PV-Bus architecture is developed. The steady state and dynamic performances of the proposed RVP DMPPT algorithm and small signal model of the unidirectional DPP based PV-Bus architecture are demonstrated with simulations and experimental results. The accuracy of the RVP DMPPT algorithm is demonstrated by obtaining a tracking efficiency of 99.4% from the experiment.
Keyword Maximum power point tracking (MPPT), Photovoltaic (PV), Solar energy
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