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Three-Phase Common-Mode Active EMI Filters for Induction Motor Drive Applications
Vuttipon Tarateeraseth
Abstract In this paper, the conducted EMI reduction performances of active feed-forward current-sensing current-actuation (CSCA) and voltage-sensing current-actuation (VSCA) filters for a three-phase induction motor drive system are evaluated by experiments. For comparison purposes, the conducted EMI (CM emission, DM emission and total emission) of a three-phase induction motor drive with a conventional CM choke, a conventional CM choke in series with an active VSCA filter, and an active CSCA filter (where the CM choke was modified and used as a sensing current transformer) were compared to the case of a system without any filter inserted. Experimental results show that the active CSCA and VSCA filters can improve the CM reduction performance of the conventional CM choke by about 5 dB especially at low-frequencies. However, for DM comparisons, it shows that there is no different between cases with and without filters inserted.
Keyword Active CSCA filter, Active VSCA filter, Common-mode active EMI filter, Induction motor drives, Tree-phase common-mode choke
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