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Investigation of Rise Time and Overshoot in Pulse Transformers with Different Topologies for Electromagnetic Trigger of SCRs
Gang Lv, Dihui Zeng, and Tong Zhou
Abstract This study investigates the influences of different core parameters on the dynamic performances, such as rise time and overshoot, in pulse transformers for the triggering circuit of SCRs. First, a simplified transformer equivalent circuit, which emerges from a standard transformer equivalent circuit, is developed to analyze the step response. Second, the relations between the dynamic performances and the parasitic parameters are calculated by the simplified equivalent circuit. Third, the variations of rise time and overshoot, which are vital to the stability of triggering SCRs, with different core parameters, such as mechanic dimensions and topologies, are comprehensively investigated by analyzing the parasitic parameters. Finally, prototype transformers are fabricated to experimentally validate the analysis. The presented method can practically instruct the design of a pulse transformer for triggering SCRs.
Keyword Dynamic performance, Pulse transformer, Rectifier, Topology, Trigger circuit
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