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Comparative Study of Non-Electrochemical Hysteresis Models for LiFePO4/Graphite Batteries
Jiachen Ma, Jiale Xie, and Kun Bai
Abstract The estimation of LiFePO4/graphite battery states suffers from the prominent hysteresis phenomenon between the respective open-circuit voltage curves towards charging and discharging. A lot of hysteresis models have been documented to investigate the hysteresis mechanism. This paper reviews and deeply interprets four non-electrochemical hysteresis models and some improvements. These models can be conveniently incorporated into commonly used equivalent circuit models to reproduce battery behaviors. Through simulation and experimental comparisons of voltage predictions and state-of-charge estimations, the pros and cons of these models are presented.
Keyword Hysteresis model, LiFePO4 battery, Open-circuit voltage, State-of-charge estimation
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