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Integrated Bidirectional Three-Port DC?DC Converter with Ripple-Free Input Current and Soft Switching
Parastoo Khademi Astaneh, Javad Javidan, Khalil Valipour, and Adel AkbariMajd
Abstract Multiport power converters have recently become popular to researchers and engineers. However, more improvements are required in terms of their soft-switching operation, bidirectional operation, and integration. In this study, a bidirectional three-port three-switch DC?DC converter is proposed. The converter contains a low-current ripple port and ripple-free current port. Through the integrated structure, utilization of a coupled inductor, and a new switching strategy, the aforementioned specifications are achieved. A modified switching strategy is also utilized in the converter, which has resulted in the bidirectional operation of the converter between ports. Finally, a comprehensive analysis is presented, and the converter characteristics are validated by experimental results.
Keyword Bidirectional port, Multiport DC?DC converter, Renewable energy, Ripple-free port, Soft switching
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