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Predictive Current Control of Four-Quadrant Converters Based on Specific Sampling Method and Modified Z-Transform
Gang Zhang˘Ó, Jianglin Qian*, Zhigang Liu** and Zhongbei Tian***
Abstract Four-quadrant converters (4QCs) are widely used as AC-DC power conversion interfaces in many areas. A control delay commonly exists in the digital implementation process of 4QCs, especially for high power 4QCs with a low switching frequency. This usually results in alternating current distortion, increased current harmonic content and system instability. In this paper, the control delay is divided into a computation delay and a PWM delay. The impact of the control delay on the performance of a 4QC is briefly analyzed. To obtain a fundamental value of AC current that is as accurately as possible, a specific sampling method considering the PWM pattern is introduced. Then a current predictive control based on a modified z-transform is proposed, which is effective in reducing the control delay and easy in terms of digital implementation. In addition, it does not depend on object models and parameters. The feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed predictive current control method is verified by simulation and experimental results.
Keyword AC-DC power conversion, current control, digital control, predictive control, PWM converter
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