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Neutral-point Voltage Balancing Strategy for Three-level Converter based on Disassembly of Zero Level
Chenchen Wang˘Ó, Zhitong Li*, and Hongliang Xin*
Abstract The neutral-point (NP) voltage of three-phase three-level NP-clamped converters is needed for balance. To maintain NP potential and suppress ripple, a novel NP voltage balancing strategy is proposed in this work. The mechanism of NP voltage variation is studied first. Then, the relationship between the disassembly of zero level (O level) and NP current is studied comprehensively. On these bases, two methods for selecting one of three output phases for the disassembly of its O level are presented. Finally, simulation and experimental results verify the validity and practicability of the proposed algorithms.
Keyword balancing algorithm, neutral-point-clamped, neutral-point voltage, zero-level disassembly
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