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Multi-output LED Driver Integrated with 3-Switch Converter & Passive Current Balance for Portable Application
Sen Song*, Kai Ni*, Guipeng Chen**, Yihua Hu*, and Dongsheng Yu
Abstract This study presents a new portable eight-output light emitting diode (LED) driver. The eight output-channels are divided into two equal groups, and their output power can be controlled individually by three active switches. Besides, a simple capacitor-based passive current balancing circuit (CBC) is employed in each port to guarantee that the currents of the four LEDs are same. Compared with conventional separate two-output isolated converters, the proposed one uses one fewer active switches. Moreover, zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) is achieved, which improves the power efficiency of the driver. Finally, a prototype is built, which can reach the efficiency of 94.6% with high compactness.
Keyword Multiple outputs, Passive current balance, Zero-voltage-switching (ZVS), Reduced switches
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