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EMI Prediction and Reduction of Zero-Crossing Noise in Totem-Pole Bridgeless PFC Converters
Baihua Zhang˘Ó, Qiang Lin*, Jun Imaoka**, Masahito Shoyama*, Satoshi Tomioka***, and Eiji Takegami***
Abstract In this study, a zero-crossing spike current issue in a totem-pole bridgeless power factor correction (PFC) converter is comprehensively investigated for the first time. Spike current occurs when input voltage crosses zero, becomes a noise source, and causes severe common mode emission issues. A generation mechanism for electromagnetic interference (EMI) is presented to investigate the EMI problem caused by zero-crossing issue, and a noise spectrum due to this issue is predicted by a theoretical analysis based on the Fourier coefficient of an approximate spike current waveform. Furthermore, a noise reduction method is proposed and then improved to reduce the spike current. Experimental measurements are implemented on a GaN-based totem-pole bridgeless PFC converter, and the spike current can be effectively suppressed through the proposed method. Furthermore, the noise spectrums measured without and with the reduced zero-crossing spike current are compared. Experimental results validate the analysis of the noise spectrum caused by the zero-crossing spike current issue.
Keyword Conducted noise, Noise spectrum, Spike current, Totem-pole bridgeless PFC converter, Zero-crossing
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