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Input Voltage Range Extension Method for Half- Bridge LLC Converters by Using Magamp Auxiliary Post-Regulator
Xiaoguang JinĘ”, Huipin LinĘ”, Jun Xu* and Zhengyu LuĘ”
Abstract An improved half-bridge LLC converter with a magamp auxiliary post-regulator is proposed in this paper. The function of the magamp is bypassed when the converter works within the low input-voltage range. Meanwhile, it operates as an auxiliary postregulator when the input voltage is high. By changing the blocking time of the magamp, the dc gain of the converter can be extended. Hence, the input voltage range of the converter is extended. The realization of proposed topology does not require a complicated circuit. The controller of the magamp can be easily implemented using only passive components, transistors and an OP amp. The generalized operational principle is analyzed and the design criterion for the magamp is presented. Finally, a 25V output, 400W experimental prototype was built and tested for a 160?300V input-voltage range to verify the feasibility of the proposed method.
Keyword LLC converter, resonance, magamp, post-regulator, wide range
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