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Comparative Study of Flux Regulation Methods for Hybrid Permanent Magnet Axial Field Flux-switching Memory Machines
Gongde Yang*, Xinghe Fu*, Mingyao Lin*, Nian Li*, and Hao LiĘ”
Abstract This research comparatively studies three kinds of flux regulation methods, namely, stored capacitor discharge pulse (SCDP), constant current source pulse (CCSP), and quantitative flux regulation pulse (QFRP), which are used for hybrid permanent magnet (PM) axial field flux-switching memory machines (HPM-AFFSMMs). Through an analysis of the operation principle and the series hybrid PM flux regulation mechanism of the objective machine, the circuit topologies and flux regulation process of these flux regulation methods are addressed in detail. On the basis of a simulation, the flux regulation characteristics of the researched machine during the magnetization and demagnetization processes are comparatively evaluated. Then, machine performance, including back EMF, direct and quadrature axis inductances, and magnetization and demagnetization characteristics, is quantitatively investigated. Results show that the QFRP enables the HPM-AFFSMM to achieve a less harmonic component of back EMF by approximately 7.28% and 7.97% at the magnetization and demagnetization states, respectively, and a more complete magnetization process than the SCDP and CCSP.
Keyword flux regulation, stored capacitor discharge pulse, constant current source pulse, quantitative flux regulation pulse, memory machine, flux control
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