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Double-Objective Finite Control Set Model-Free Predictive Control with DSVM for PMSM Drives
Beishi Zhao*, Hongmei LiĘ” and Jingkui Mao*
Abstract Discrete space vector modulation (DSVM) is an effective method to improve the steady-state performance of the finite control set predictive control for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive systems. However, it requires complex computations due to the presence of numerous virtual voltage vectors. This paper proposes an improved finite control set model-free predictive control using DSVM to reduce the computational burden. First, model-free deadbeat current control is used to generate the reference voltage vector. Then, based on the principle that the voltage vector closest to the reference voltage vector minimizes the cost function, the optimal voltage vector is obtained in an effective way which avoids evaluation of the cost function. Additionally, in order to implement double-objective control, a two-level decisional cost function is designed to sequentially reduce the stator currents tracking error and the inverter switching frequency. The effectiveness of the proposed control is validated based on experimental tests.
Keyword double-objective control, finite control set predictive control, low computation complexity, PMSM drive system
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