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DC-Link Capacitor Voltage Balanced Modulation Strategy based on Three-level Neutral-point-clamped Cascaded Rectifier
Pengcheng Han*, Xiaoqiong He*, Zhiqin Zhao*, Haolun Yu*, Yi Wang*, Xu Peng**, and Zeliang Shu*
Abstract This study proposes a new modulation strategy to deal with the unbalanced output voltage based on three-level neutral-point-clamped cascaded rectifiers. The fundament idea is to reallocate the value of voltage levels generated by each module on the basis of the space vector pulse width modulation. This proposed modulation strategy can reduce switching frequency while maintaining the mutual-module voltage balance. First, the analysis of unbalanced output voltage is reflected. Then, a new modulation strategy is introduced thoroughly. Internal module capacitor voltages are balanced by the selection of redundant vectors. Moreover, voltage balance ability is calculated. Finally, the feasibility of this modulation strategy is verified through an experiment.
Keyword neutral-point-clamped. cascaded rectifier. voltage balanced modulation. balance region calculation
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