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An Optimum Hybrid SVPWM Technique for Three Level Inverter Based on Minimum RMS Flux Ripple
Meenu D. NairĘ”, Jayanta Biswas**, G. Vivek*, and Mukti Barai*
Abstract This paper presents an optimum hybrid SVPWM technique for three level voltage source inverters (VSIs). The proposed hybrid SVPWM technique targets to minimize total harmonic distortion (THD). A new parameter is introduced to incorporate the heterogeneous nature of switching sequences of SVPWM technique. The proposed hybrid SVPWM technique is implemented on a low cost PIC microcontroller (PIC18F452) and verified experimentally with a 2 KVA three phase three level insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) based VSI. The experimental results of the optimum switching sequences in the three level-inverter configuration are demonstrated. The proposed hybrid SVPWM technique improves THD performance by 17.3% compared to the best available existing three level SVPWM technique.
Keyword Voltage source inverter (VSI), multilevel inverter, space-vector PWM, three level inverter, harmonic distortion
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