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Electromagnetic and Vibration Analysis of E-core Switched Reluctance Motor with Permanent Magnets and Auxiliary Windings
Saranya S, and Balaji M*
Abstract In this work a new configuration of E-core stator Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) with permanent magnets and auxiliary windings embedded in the stator yoke is proposed. For the proposed configuration of SRM electromagnetic analysis is performed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) based computer aided design package MagNet and to emphasize its merits a comparison is drawn with existing hybrid excitation configuration of SRM. In addition, the vibration characteristics of the motor are analyzed by performing modal and transient analysis using the ANSYS package. Results of the analysis reveals that the proposed configuration of SRM exhibits better electromagnetic and vibration characteristics and is capable of competing with the existing topologies in the variable speed market.
Keyword E-core stator, finite element analysis, hybrid excitation, switched reluctance motor, vibration analysis
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