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Analysis and Implementation of LC Series Resonant Converter with Clamp Diodes on the Secondary Side under DCM Operation for High Step-Up Application
Pengyu Jia ΆΣ and Yiqin Yuan*
Abstract Resonant converters attract extensive attentions because of their high efficiency, owing to the soft-switching performance. An isolated high step-up converter with secondary-side resonant loops is proposed and analyzed in this paper. By placing the resonant loops on the secondary side, the current stress for the resonant capacitors is greatly decreased. The power loss caused by the equivalent series resistance of resonant capacitor is decreased. Clamp diodes in parallel with resonant capacitors ensure the unique discontinuous current mode in converter. Under this mode, the active switches can realize soft-switching during both turn-on and turn-off transitions. Meanwhile, reverse-recovery problems of diodes are also alleviated by the leakage inductor. The converter is essentially a step-up converter so it is helpful to decreasing the transformer turn-ratio when it is applied as a high step-up converter. The steady-state operation principle is analyzed in detail and design considerations are also presented in this paper. Theoretical conclusions are verified by the experiment results of a 500W prototype with 35V-42V input and 400V output.
Keyword DC/DC converter, Diode clamping, LC resonant converter, Low voltage input, High voltage gain
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