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Research on the Carried-based PWM with Zero- Sequence Component Injection for Vienna-type Rectifier
Hui Ma, Mao Feng*, Yu Tian*,Xi Chen*
Abstract This paper researches on the inherent relationship between the currents and the zero-sequence components, and a precise algorithm is proposed to calculate the injected zero-sequence component to control the DC-Link neutral-point voltage balance, which can get a more efficient and flexible neutral point voltage balance with desired performance. In addition, it is shown that the carried-based modulation (PWM) with the calculated zero-sequence component scheme can be equivalent to the space-vector pulse-width modulation. (SVPWM) Based on the proposed method, the optimal zero-sequence component on the feasible modulation indices is analyzed and the unbalanced load limitation of DC-Link neutral-point voltage balance control is also revealed. Simulation and experimental results are shown to verify the validity and practicability of the proposed algorithm.
Keyword Vienna -type rectifier, zero-sequence component, DC-Link neutral-point voltage balance, carried-based PWM
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