Direct Power Control without Current Sensors for Nine-Switch Inverters

Vol. 18, No. 1, pp. 1-10, Jan. 2018

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Recently, the nine-switch inverter has been proposed as a dual output inverter. To date, studies on the control strategies for NSIs have been mostly combined with their application. However, in this paper, a mathematical model and control strategy for nine-switch inverters has been proposed in view of the topology. A switching function model and equivalent circuit model of a nine-switch inverter have been built in αβ coordinates. Then, a novel current observer with an improved integrator is proposed based on the switching function model, and a direct power control strategy is proposed. No current sensors are used in the proposed strategy, and only two voltage sensors are employed. The performance of the proposed control method is verified by simulation and experimental results.

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L. Pan, J. Zhang, K. Wang, B. Wang, Y. Pang, L. Zhu, "Direct Power Control without Current Sensors for Nine-Switch Inverters," Journal of Power Electronics, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 1-10, 2018. DOI: 10.6113/JPE.2018.18.1.1.

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Lei Pan, Junru Zhang, Kai Wang, Beibei Wang, Yi Pang, and Lin Zhu. 2018. Direct Power Control without Current Sensors for Nine-Switch Inverters. Journal of Power Electronics, 18, 1, (2018), 1-10. DOI: 10.6113/JPE.2018.18.1.1.