Step-up and Step-down Asymmetrical 24-Pulse Autotransformer Rectifier

Vol. 18, No. 5, pp. 1536-1544, Sep. 2018

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The existing 24-pulse autotransformer rectifier unit (ATRU) needs interphase reactors for parallel work of the rectifier bridges, and its output voltage cannot be regulated. Aiming at these problems, a step-up and step-down asymmetrical 24-pulse ATRU is proposed in this paper. The connections and turns ratios among transformer windings are well designed. In addition, a 15-degree phase difference is formed between two of the 24 voltage vectors produced by the transformer, which makes the four rectifier bridge groups produce a 24-pulse DC voltage without interphase reactors. Meanwhile, by adding extended winding to each phase of the transformer, wide-range regulation of the ATRU output voltage can be realized, and the reasonable voltage regulation range is between 0.2 and 1.6. The superposition of the voltage vectors and the principle of the voltage regulation are analyzed in detail. Furthermore, the turns ratio of the windings, winding current, output voltage, and kilovolt-ampere rating are all derived. Finally, the simulations and experiments are carried out, and the correctness of the principle and theoretical analysis of the new 24-pulse ATRU are verified.

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L. Zhang, H. Ge, F. Jiang, G. Yang and Y. Lin, "Step-up and Step-down Asymmetrical 24-Pulse Autotransformer Rectifier," Journal of Power Electronics, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 1536-1544, 2018. DOI: 10.6113/JPE.2018.18.5.1536.

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Lu Zhang, Hong-juan Ge, Fan Jiang, Guang Yang, and Yi Lin. 2018. Step-up and Step-down Asymmetrical 24-Pulse Autotransformer Rectifier. Journal of Power Electronics, 18, 5, (2018), 1536-1544. DOI: 10.6113/JPE.2018.18.5.1536.