Information for Reviewers



A scholar or an expert who has a Ph.D. degree or equal qualification and whose research interest is related to the field of power electronics can be a reviewer.  






A manuscript under review should not be shared with anyone outside of the review process. 


Constructive analysis

A reviewer shall be able to give constructive analysis for author to improve their research. Please provide a fair and informative opinion of the manuscript considering originality, scientific value, and the scope of the journal.  


Clarity of expressions

Review comments should convey opinion with clear expressions. Linguistic errors make the review comment difficult to understand.



Responding to the invitation in a timely manner is very important to the entire review process. Reviewers are expected to submit the review comment by the due date.



Peer Review Policy, Process and Guidance

All the reviewers must understand and abide by the peer review Policies. Please visit here for more information.




How to fix login issues on the manuscript review system (


1. Please check your username. (It is not your email address. You have an account ID.)

2. When you enter your username, please do not put any space between the characters or the end of it.

3. If you forgot your password, please 'Send login details' button and enter your email address. You will receive a link to set a new password by email.

4. Your password contains numbers and both upper case and lower case letters. It is a minimum of 10 characters.