Nonlinear Sliding Mode Controller for IPMSM Drives with an Adaptive Gain Tuning Rule

Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 753-762, May  2015

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This paper presents a nonlinear sliding mode control (SMC) scheme with a variable damping ratio for interior permanent magnet synchronous motors (IPMSMs). First, a nonlinear sliding surface whose parameters change continuously with time is designed. Actually, the proposed SMC has the ability to reduce the settling time without an overshoot by giving a low damping ratio at the initial time and a high damping ratio as the output reaches the desired setpoint. At the same time, it enables a fast convergence in finite time and eliminates the singularity problem with the upper bound of an uncertain term, which cannot be measured in practice, by using a simple adaptation law. To improve the efficiency of a system in the constant torque region, the control system incorporates the maximum torque per ampere (MTPA) algorithm. The stability of the nonlinear sliding surface is guaranteed by Lyapunov stability theory. Moreover, a simple sliding mode observer is used to estimate the load torque and system uncertainties. The effectiveness of the proposed nonlinear SMC scheme is verified using comparative experimental results of the linear SMC scheme when the speed reference and load torque change under system uncertainties. From these experimental results, the proposed nonlinear SMC method reveals a faster transient response, smaller steady-state speed error, and less sensitivity to system uncertainties than the linear SMC method.

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J. Jung, D. Q. Dang, N. T. Vu, J. J. Justo, T. D. Do, H. H. Choi, T. H. Kim, "Nonlinear Sliding Mode Controller for IPMSM Drives with an Adaptive Gain Tuning Rule," Journal of Power Electronics, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 753-762, 2015. DOI: 10.6113/JPE.2015.15.3.753.

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Jin-Woo Jung, Dong Quang Dang, Nga Thi-Thuy Vu, Jackson John Justo, Ton Duc Do, Han Ho Choi, and Tae Heoung Kim. 2015. Nonlinear Sliding Mode Controller for IPMSM Drives with an Adaptive Gain Tuning Rule. Journal of Power Electronics, 15, 3, (2015), 753-762. DOI: 10.6113/JPE.2015.15.3.753.